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VS Song-Vault DVD

Although I am no longer going to manufacture these... 
the parts will be available for a short time still.

If you are interested in building one yourself...Here is what you need:

1-Bay SCSI Enclosure. I have 24 in stock and will sell these for $75 each

Panasonic 9585-C, or 9586-C, or 9587-C. I have found a company with 20 (at time of posting) for $69 each located here:

You will need an ACARD 7720U SCSI to IDE Adapter Card.

You can get them for $155 from PC Pit-Stop

or $150 from Netcom Direct

The only other thing you will need is a DB25 Male to CN50 Male SCSI cable. You can find these by googling "DB25 CN50 Cable" or "DB25 SCSI-1 Cable" or sometimes "DB25 Centronics 50 Cable"

Putting one of these together is not difficult at all.

You'll find that purchasing all these items separately will come to about
the same price I sold the Song-Vault DVDs for.

Good luck... and build them while you still can... these DVD drives are becoming rare... 
since they have been discontinued for years now.