Cable Selection Page

Your VS Song-Vault is a SCSI Device.

It connects to your VS Recorder one of two ways:

1. Directly through the DB25 SCSI connection on the back of your VS Recorder.


2. Plugged into the back of your External CDR (which is connected to your VS Recorder, forming a SCSI Chain.)

Please Read Options Below to Choose your Cable needs

If you have a 2480CD, or an 1824 (both with internal CDRs)... you need a DB25 SCSI Cable.

If you have any other VS Recorder and DO NOT HAVE AN EXTERNAL CDR, you also need a DB25 SCSI Cable.

If you have a Roland/QPS brand CDR, CDR-II, or CDR-III,
you will need a DB25 SCSI Cable.

DB25 is the SAME SCSI connection that is on the back of your VS Recorder, which looks similar to this:

DB25 Connection

If you have a Roland CD-Rack, Plextor, PlexWriter, or other brand of external CDR, you need to look at the back to see what the connection is.

You either need a SCSI-2 cable:

Or a SCSI-1 (Centronics) Cable:

When Placing a VS Song-Vault order,
you will need to specify whether you need a DB25, SCSI-1, or SCSI-2 cable.